Sonic Branding

Sonic Branding is more than just the music you choose for your commercials, or your audio logo — it’s an entire strategy based on your global corporate culture, and the cultures of your customers. NeuroPop can help you develop the musical, non-musical, and vocal elements of your brand that will truly cross borders, cultures, ages, and gender.

Generative Sound-Scapes

By implementing a unique combination of 20th century classical music techniques, traditional sound design, and our own algorithmic compositional tools, NeuroPop is breaking new ground helping clients create non-repetitive sonic environments for their digital marketing initiatives.

Lance Massey is the T-Mobile ring tone creator and an award winning composer.


RealSleep is a CD you play while you’re going to sleep. It uses three kinds of nearly-inaudible sounds embedded in music to help you go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. The first kind of sound triggers the motion-induced sleepiness that babies experience while being rocked and that most people feel while riding as a passenger in a car or train. No other product does that. The other two kinds of nearly-inaudible sounds help the mind relax and create the kind of brain waves associated with falling asleep. The result is a natural, easy, restful, and refreshing sleep.

RealSleep is under exclusive license to Advanced Brain Technologies and will be available through their exclusive online streaming program in Autumn 2012.